Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will my vehicle be dry when I pick it up?

A.  Yes, we put a series of air movers and carpet dryers inside your vehicle.  We dry carpets, upholstery, and mats.  It is very important to us, to make sure the carpets are dry, because damp carpets could potentially lead to mildew.

Q.  How long will it take to detail my vehicle?

A.  Its hard to put a time constraint on detailing.  We like to take our time and every vehicle is different.  Most of the time it takes about four to six hours, but again we will not rush.  Customer satisfaction is our main priority.  So its safe to say we will need your vehicle for half the day.

Q.  How often should I detail my vehicle?

A.  We recommend getting a TLC full detail at least once every six months.  Once in the fall to protect the clear coat through the winter and once in the spring to remove any containment from the clear coat.  Getting a Premium or Deluxe detail in between is never a bad idea.

Q.  Does it cost extra for pet hair or a really dirty vehicle?

A.  It all depends on the severity.  We try not to charge extra but when a vehicle takes extra attention and chemicals we do have to charge.  We always give free estimates.  When you drop off your vehicle we will go out and let you know what we can do for you.

Q.  What should I do before I bring my vehicle to you?

A.  All we ask, if at all possible, is to remove any personal items.  When detailing if we open the glove box or center consul and see items in there we will not remove them.  A lot of people want to vacuum their vehicle before bringing them in, but that is not necessary.  If you feel embarrassed, don’t,  guaranteed we have seen a lot worse.

Q.  Do you clean the headliners?

A.  Yes.  We don’t charge for spot treatment.  However if a headliner needs to be fully shampooed we do charge extra.  The reason being, headliners are tricky to clean.  If done incorrectly you will have a saggy or water spotted headliner.

Q.  Can you remove Cigarette smoke from my vehicle?

A.  Yes, we sure can.  We recommend getting a TLC interior package and adding a ozone treatment.  Ozone kills bacteria and eliminates odors.  Click the link below to get more information on our Ozone Package.

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